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Create your FOODMAP! Based on a low FODMAP plan, these recipes reduce a broad variety of naturally occurring carbohydrates that trigger gas, pain and bloating in those suffering from SIBO, IBS or other functional gut disorders.

Let our experts help you create a well-balanced and nutritionally sound FODMAP eating plan - that is approved by gastroenterologists!

Meet the Simply SIBO Team

"All Disease Begins in the Gut."
Hippocrates 460-370 B.C.
"The gut is the body’s inner tube of life. Good gut health is essential for optimal wellness and healing. The gut microbiome is the collection of microbes that orchestrate many bodily functions by controlling digestive physiology. The Simply SIBO Team are world-class nutrition experts who provide a compendium of gut-restorative recipes by fostering proper ecology, immunity, and repair. Their one-stop resource includes a community forum for using food as medicine to achieve balance and harmony.”

Dr. Gerard E. Mullin, Gastroenterologist
Author, The Gut Balance Revolution

Meet the Simply SIBO Team

Meet Angela Pifer, MSs, FMN, Certified Nutritionist, SIBO Guru

Simply SIBO Founder

Angela is one of the nation’s foremost functional medicine nutrition and health experts, and an accomplished speaker and radio personality. Her 25 years in the health and fitness industry and the past 12 years as a Functional Medicine Nutritionist focusing in the areas of digestive health, functional gut disorders, thyroid, autoimmune and SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth), have earned Angela, recognition as the go-to gut expert who can show even the most health challenged, how to restore their gut health and vitality.

Meet Selva Wohlgemuth, MSs, RDN, CDN, Chef, Happy Belly Nutritionist

Simply SIBO Founder

Trained in both functional and clinical nutrition I work as a Registered Dietitian at my local hospital and in private practice. Though I work with many different health conditions, I often spend a majority of time improving digestion and rebalancing the health of my patients’ gut. There is nothing that brings me more joy than helping others improve their wellness through nutrition and lifestyle changes as well as sharing my love for creating nourishing recipes and sharing with the world!

Meet Rebecca Coomes, Author, Foodie, Coach, The Healthy Gut

I know firsthand what it is like to have SIBO. In 2015, after a lifetime of chronic illness, I finally received a diagnosis of SIBO. After successfully treating SIBO, I quickly realized that there is more to healing the body than just treating the condition itself and that I wanted to bring this message to the world. This journey inspired me to change careers. I authored the world's first SIBO cookbooks: SIBO Summer Cookbook and SIBO Family Favorites Cookbook and started a SIBO podcast to educate people through their healing journey.

You get access to over 7 FODMAP Experts' recipes!

Indigo Mathewson, Nutritionist and Bastyr University trained FODMAP Chef

Colleen Francioli, Nutritionist and FODMAP cookbook author



— Jill M.

"I’m in control of my eating now, not the other way around."

— Mary D.

"For so long I struggled with what to eat. I am tired of being sick and tired and having to cook all the time. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your approach to the recipes and how to use an ingredient over many different dishes. It really saves me a lot of time."

— Fiona D.

"I feel like I can finally eat and enjoy food again."

— Charlene A.

"I LOVE these meat muffins! What a great idea!"

— Barb G.

"I finally feel like I can navigate low FODMAP eating and I don’t have to hunt and peck from all the sites online."

— Jacob B.

"I finally had a well formed bowel movement (sorry, I know, TMI!) – but really, this is monumental for me!"

— Charlene A.

"I was stuck eating the same eight foods and felt LOST. I am slowly expanding my eating plan each week. Thank you Angela!"

— Margaret T.

"Why hasn’t someone done this before?? THANK YOU ANGELA!"

— Kim W.

"These recipes are so delicious!"

— Stephanie S.

"My doctor referred me over and is so thrilled that I am getting help with my diet!"

— Liz L.

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We help you simplify cooking for SIBO, IBS, Celiac, IBD or other functional gut disorders.

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